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Hoarding Help

If you have a problem with hoarding, it can be hard to make a decision about where to start and who you should get help from. Junk removal services and professional organizers are not trained to deal with the complexities of hoarding disorder on a practical level, nor are they able to effectively treat the illness from a therapeutic standpoint. Having the right team who will target problems with excessive acquiring and difficulties getting rid of things is the first step to ensuring your success. Frequently, poor decision-making, time management deficits, social isolation, and other functional impairments accompany hoarding disorder. Through our advanced knowledge, we can help you conquer the hoarding behavior which has taken control over your life.

We understand that you may feel shame and embarrassment about the condition of your home, and might be hesitant to seek help.  Rest assured that despite these obstacles, we can help you be successful in treatment.


Services include:

  • Setting objectives for decluttering and assisting with the decision-making process

  • Helping reduce the anxiety associated with discarding, passing up on acquiring opportunities, and decision-making in general  

  • Teaching time management, organization, and decision-making skills

  • Maintaining progress through follow-up sessions


If you feel like you could benefit from these services, please contact me to set up a free and confidential consultation.



Getting help for hoarding

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